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250px-Ororo Munroe (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Force Vol 2 1

Ororo Munroe was an African street thief before she was found by Professor Xavier. Now she is a leading member of the X-Men and Queen of Wakanda under the moniker of Storm.

Intro/Outro Edit

Intro: Storm flies onto the stage, with lightning striking just before she lands.

Outro: Storm strikes the opponent with lightning and they pass out. She then flies away, with the opponent in a small hurricane trailing behind her.

Moves Edit

Character Trait - Up In The Air - Storm takes to the skies, altering her moveset to focus on wind and juggling the opponent.

Super Move - Goddess Of The Sky - Storm creates a rain cloud over the opponents head. She then brings down four lightning bolts around the opponent, which electrocute them. Finally, she picks them up in a tornado before striking them back down to the ground with lightning.

Outfits Edit

Marvel NOW! - Default costume unlocked at start.

Modern - Can be bought with in-game credits.

Punk - Can be bought with in-game credits.

Goddess - Reward for completing Classic Battle with Storm.

Classic - Included in the 'Blast From The Past' skin pack.

Animated - Included in the 'Only Two Dimensions' skin pack.

Weather Wizard - Included in the 'Dimensional Counterpart' skin pack.

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