Vital statistics
Position Neutral
Age 19
Status alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 4"
Weight unknown

Shadowforce is a playable character created by Ronnoc1 in game Injustice: New Era, created by Godkombat21. He is classified as a Power user.


Shadowforce was once a regular human being until he was a victim of one of the Joker's villainous acts, where he was killed. His bitterness and despair caused him to return as a "shadow" of his former self.

Events in InjusticeEdit


Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Ability to manipulate shadows to attack, including his own.
  • Ability to travel between shadows, including his own.
  • Ability to generate weapons from shadows, including his own.

Intro and OutroEdit

Intro: A pool of black liquid forms on the ground, before Shadowforce rises from the pool which reforms into his shadow. He then enters his fighting stance.

Outro: Shadowforce's shadow reforms into the pool from his intro, before he quickly descends into the pool, only to suddenly rise from a similar pool on a skyscraper roof, his back to the moon.

Character traitEdit

Shadow Armory: Shadowforce switches between using a scythe, a hammer or claws made of darkness.

Super MoveEdit

The Shadows Unleashed: Shadowforce creates a shadow tendril from his opponents shadow which holds them in place. He then unleashes a barrage of attacks before finishing with a shadow-hammer.

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