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Mortal Kombat vs Injustice trailer

Mortal Kombat vs Injustice trailer

Mortal Kombat Vs Injustice is a RPG Crossover game Created and Designed By TetraxGodOfDiamonds. It will be avalible for Xbox 360,Ps3,Ps4 and Wikia-2.0. It will have a total of 66 characters. It will be avalible for purchase on july,16th 2013 and is avalible for pre-order.

Story ModeEdit

Shoa Khan and Darkseid have teamed Up to Make two of there worlds Collide. Earthrealm and New Earth have been collided. Shoa khan has mind controlled all of earthrealm to battle New earth into the fight of the death calling it The Mortal Injustice tournament. You will be able to play as different characters throught the story.

Playable CharactersEdit


  1. The Armory
  2. The Bell Tower
  3. The Bridge (cameo)
  4. The Cathedral
  5. The Courtyard
  6. Dead Pool (Stage Fatality)
  7. The Tower
  8. Goro's Lair
  9. The Graveyard
  10. Kahn's Colosseum
  11. Chamber of the Flame (Playstation 3 exclusive) (3 Stage Fatalities)
  12. The Living Forest (Stage Fatality)
  13. The Desert
  14. Hell (Stage Fatality)
  15. The Pit (Stage Fatality)
  16. The Pit Bottom
  17. The Rooftop
  18. Shang Tsung's Gardens (between Pit IPalace Gates and Warrior Shrine)
  19. Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits
  20. Shao Kahn's Throne Room
  21. Soul Chamber
  22. The Street (Stage Fatality)
  23. The Subway (Stage Fatality)
  24. Throne Room
  25. Training Dojo
  26. Wastelands of Outworld
  27. Gotham City
  28. Metropolis
  29. Wayne Manor
  30. Themiscyra
  31. Atlantis
  32. Coast City
  33. Ferris Aircraft
  34. Fortress Of Sollitude
  35. Batcave
  36. Oa
  37. Smallville
  38. Watchtower
  39. Daily Planet
  40. Arkham Asylum
  41. Arkham City
  42. Krypton
  43. Mars
  44. Insurgency
  45. Hall of Justice


Arcade Ladder: You will be able to choose one character and fight from easiest to hard. you will fight 10 characters all the way up to darkseid and shao khan being the last.

Tag Kombat: You will be able to choose two characters and switch them out during a battle. It will be Simmilar to tag team,you can Use many combos with this.

Mini GamesEdit

Test your Might: There Will be a meter on the side and any playable character will have to break either one or many things to get a high score.

Test Your Sight: Characters will have to pick a certain Covering and if it has the hidden item you will win.

Test Your Powers: Characters with super powers will be able to Use there certain powers to break something,if you break it you will win.

Test Your Strike: You have to get the correct meter to strike a certain object in the middle.

Test Your Luck:You have to fight an opponent while going through a number of massive glitches made in the game,that can slow down your character.

Test Your Aim:Characters have to use a certain object like a Bow and arrow,shot gun,etc to get the bullseye from the right meter.

Sky Fight: You have to face a opponent for 1 minute in the sky. whoever has the lowest meter,will drop and die to the ground while the winner lands safely.

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