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  • And some clash lines? 

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    • Impulse: I won't lose!

      Sonic: Silver said the same thing once.

      Impulse: Time to prove my fact!

      Beasy Boy: Ready for training?

      Impulse: Yep! Try to keep up!

      Beast Boy: I can transform into a Cheetah, remember?

      Beast Boy: Speed vs. Brawn

      Impulse: Speed always win!

      Impulse: I can run fast as well!

      Sonic: Bring it on!

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    • Thanks

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    • Your welcome

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  • "Sonic was right. Lyric needed to die. But I couldn't allow the idea of the blue's return to power. Dragon Kingdom world never submit to the Regime. With Shadow defeated and his allies arrested, I couldn't gather enough forces to defeat Sonic. I was about to lose the hopes when the Yagyu ninjas found an Insurgent Base where the Iron Empress and Conquering Storm are in. Doctor Eggman was building a time machine. Thanks to the ninja technology, it got perfected. Now, I must set out to help those who really deserve my help. And I also must ask for forgiveness."

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    • Sonia's ending

      When my brother became a tyrant, I thought the age of the heroes had passed away. When Lyric invaded Mobius and Sonic refused to help, I knew what could happen if I didn't do something. After the victory, I still had to deal with Sonic's allies who became vengeful. Thanks to Manic, Knuckles, Gadget and other insurgents, I managed to bring them down. Now, we're ready to start a new age. It's good to believe in heroes. 

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    • Gadget's ending

      Man. I can't describe the sensation. I was just a veteran. But I couldn't allow Lyric to destroy Mobius. After this heroic act, I was invited to join the new Freedom Fighters. The idea was great. But I needed to solve some problems first. I know I can't have a normal life. But I also know that there will always be the Freedom Fighters. 

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  • Who could be Red X in Teen Titans vs X-Men 2?

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  • Knuckles: We should reconsider this... 

    Rouge: Don't worry, cutie pie. Shadow won't know about it. 

    Knuckles: I'm worried about Julie. Not Shadow. 

    Lien-Da: You're so cute when you get serious? 

    Knuckles: Sorry. Your sister took me first.

    Lien-Da: I'm much better than her.

    Sonia: Hello, handsome. 

    Knuckles: I don't have time for this, Sonia. 

    Sonia: Don't lie to yourself, Knuckles. 

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  • Amy: Let's start with a warm up.

    Bunnie: Never thought you would need one. 

    Amy: The warm up is for you. 

    Cassia: Your Regime was a nightmare. 

    Amy: This battle won't bring Clove back, Cassia. 

    Cassia: But killing you will make me feel better. 

    Nicolette: Still using the hammer? 

    Amy: It was bestowed to me. 

    Nicolette: For robots who now rebel against you. 

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    • By the way, Any suggestion lines between Black Bat and Captain America? 

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    • Captain: You're a theif!

      Black Cat: And Bucky's a murderer!

      Captain: At least, he's my friend.

      Captain: Heard that you and songbird got along great.

      Black Cat: We had Girls' Night Out with the girls.

      Captain: At least, you're learning about trust.

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  • Bunnie: I told Sonic we couldn't trust you. 

    Tails: Was this supposed to frighten me? 

    Bunnie: Once Barby is gone, you'll get yours. 

    Tails: To think Sonic hates me now... 

    Amy: You are a traitor and a criminal. 

    Tails: I was a traitor when I joined him. 

    Fiona: Hey, honey. 

    Tails: I don't have time for this, Fiona. 

    Fiona: You can make some time. 

    Tails: Let's get this over with quickly. 

    Zeena: You will soon be all mine. 

    Tails: Not happening. 

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    • Thanks.

      Peter Parker: I can't believe I became that guy...

      Miles Morales: It's not your fault, Peter.

      Peter Parker: Mary Jane would disagree.

      Miles Morales: It's not your fault that you became the next Venom.

      Peter Parker: Mary Jane would disagree.

      Miles Morales: She would also understand and forgive you.

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  • Take your time. 

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    • thanks

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    • No problem

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  • (As he was weakened, the former Infinite is easily defeated) 

    Tails: I know vengeful people when I see them. And you are just one of them. 

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    • First, how about some suggestion lines between Raiden and some of the X-Men? Second, Here it is. 

      Nights: How could you kill Charmy Bee? 

      Sonic: You don't understand me. 

      Nights: You'll never force me to understand. 

      Nights: Aurora made the right choice disowning you. 

      Sonic: HOW DARE YOU? 

      Nights: I hate tyrants too. 

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    • Nice!

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  • Tails: What the...? 

    Barby: It seems that Mobius needs us. 

    Tails: I don't have a choice...

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  • (Lyric reveals) 

    Lyric: I am Lyric. 

    (Maria tries to block Lyric. But it is in vain) 

    Lyric: Nothing can stop the destruction of Mobius. 

    Shadow: What do you want? 

    Lyric: To assimilate this world and destroy Sonic. There's nothing you can do. Nothing. 

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    • Thank you. Is there anything you need?

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    • Some suggestion clash lines for Red Hood. 

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    • Got it! Btw, anymore suggestions for my script? take your time.

      Raven: I feel that we've met, before.

      Red Hood: Seriously, Rav?

      Red Hood: Garfield was right about me, Rav.

      Raven: How was I suppose to know?!

      Starfire: You were Red X?!

      Red Hood: That's right, Kori.

      Red Hood: Move, Star!

      Starfire: Never!

      Beast Boy: I liked you as Red X.

      Red Hood: I liked you as Chaneling.

      Red Hood: Looks like Raven's jealous.

      Beast Boy: How do you know?

      The Joker: I like you as Robin.

      Red Hood: You were better off as the first Red Hood!

      The Joker: After you, Batman's next.


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    • Thanks. And yes.

      Sonic: Of course... He must have destroyed the alternate Mobius. 

      Shadow: How do I defeat him? 

      Sonic: You won't. 

      Maria: What? 

      Sonic: You shouldn't waste your time trying to beat him. 

      Shadow: Still angry because you don't rule Mobius anymore, huh? 

      Sonic: You ALWAYS get on my nerves, Shadow. No wonder we don't stand to look at each other. Why did you ask for help again? 

      Shadow: Forget it. We'll find a way to defeat him... Without you. 

      Maria: And you won't restore the Regime. 

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