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Each fight in DC & Marvel: Dimensional Rift will begin with an exchange between opponents (Player 1 - Player 2 - Player 1). These are listed below. Use Ctrl+F to find the character scripts you want to read.


Batman Edit

  • Batman 1: What are you doing here?
  • Batman 2: Replacing you.
  • Batman 1: I don't think so.
    • Batman 1: This was a matter of time.
    • Batman 2: You're too much of a threat.
    • Batman 1: Get out of my Earth.

Batman (Moon Knight) Edit

  • Batman: What are you supposed to be?
  • Moon Knight: I am the avatar of Khonshu!
  • Batman: Prove it to me.
    • Batman: The costume makes you a target.
    • Moon Knight: I represent my benefactor.
    • Batman: I hope he protects you from bullets.


  • Batman: About time you showed up.
  • Superman: Had to gather my strength,
  • Batman: You can't gather enough.
    • Batman: We need to talk.
    • Superman: About your kryptonite stash?
    • Batman: Maybe after this.

Superman (Superboy)Edit

  • Batman: You can't fight this.
  • Superboy: Try and stop me.
  • Batman: Oh, I will.
    • Batman: You need a uniform.
    • Superboy: What, with pointy ears?
    • Batman: Better than a t-shirt.

Superman (Hyperion)Edit

  • Batman: Are you from the other Earth?
  • Hyperion: I hail from Earth-712.
  • Batman: The threat's larger than I realised.
    • Batman: Stand down, Kryptonian!
    • Hyperion: What's a Kryptonian?
    • Batman: Well there goes Plan K.

Wonder WomanEdit

  • Batman: Diana.
  • Wonder Woman: Don't try and stop me Bruce.
  • Batman: Afraid you'll lose?
    • Batman: Surrender.
    • Wonder Woman: My sword can cleave through atoms.
    • Batman: It'll have to hit me first.

Wonder Woman (Psylocke)Edit

  • Batman: I don't recognise your fighting style.
  • Psylocke: I was trained by the Hand.
  • Batman: Interesting.
    • Batman: You're a psychic.
    • Psylocke: How can you tell?
    • Batman: I've felt their mark before.

Green LanternEdit

  • Batman: Hal.
  • Green Lantern: Bruce.
  • Batman: I'll make this quick.
    • Batman: Stop this now.
    • Green Lantern: Can't stop me Bruce.
    • Batman: Should've brought my yellow batarangs.

Green Lantern (Alan Scott)Edit

  • Batman: Think about your kids Alan.
  • Alan Scott: Leave them out of this.
  • Batman: You should have done.
    • Batman: Your Starheart is flawed.
    • Alan Scott: Isn't all technology?
    • Batman: Batarangs work on wood.

Green Lantern (Simon Baz)Edit

  • Batman: Turn yourself in.
  • Simon Baz: I told you I'm innocent.
  • Batman: Then you shouldn't have run.
    • Batman: I've beaten lanterns before.
    • Simon Baz: I can glimpse into the future.
    • Batman: Then you know what's coming.

Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)Edit

  • Batman: Take control of your ring!
  • Jessica Cruz: I'm afraid of it.
  • Batman: Be afraid of me.
    • Batman: I can help you.
    • Jessica Cruz: No-one can help me.
    • Batman: We'll see.

Green Lantern (John Stewart)Edit

  • Batman: Why are you doing this? 
  • John Stewart: You wouldn't understand.
  • Batman: I don't have to.
    • Batman: Go home John.
    • John Stewart: There could be a Katma here!
    • Batman: Not worth the risk.

Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)Edit

  • Batman: I know all your tricks.
  • Guy Gardner: Maybe I've picked up new ones?
  • Batman: No, you haven't.
    • Batman: Stand down!
    • Guy Gardner: You're gonna take me down?
    • Batman: With one punch.

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)Edit

  • Batman: You're a rookie.
  • Kyle Rayner: I'm tired of hearing that.
  • Batman: How about I show you?
    • Batman: Give up.
    • Kyle Rayner: I never give up.
    • Batman: Pity for you.

Green Lantern (Invisible Woman)Edit

  • Batman: That symbol on your chest...
  • Invisible Woman: I am a member of the Fantastic Four.
  • Batman: So there's only three more to worry about.
    • Batman: So you can turn invisible?
    • Invisible Woman: And create force fields.
    • Batman: Both of which are nothing new.


  • Batman: Run, Barry.
  • Flash: Kind of my gimmick.
  • Batman: I meant away from here.
    • Batman: You've seen my countermeasures.
    • Flash: Don't see them today.
    • Batman: I'm going easy on you.

Flash (Reverse Flash)Edit

  • Batman: Flash has told me about you.
  • Reverse Flash: And I know all about Bruce Wayne.
  • Batman: That makes you a problem.
    • Batman: How do you know my name?
    • Reverse Flash: In my time your cave is an attraction.
    • Batman: Glad to know I leave a legacy.

Flash (Jay Garrick)Edit

  • Batman: Your time has passed Garrick.
  • Jay Garrick: You should respect your elders, son.
  • Batman: Respect is earned.
    • Batman: I don't have time for this.
    • Jay Garrick: You have more than enough.
    • Batman: Says the man with super speed.

Flash (Kid Flash)Edit

  • Batman: You're late.
  • Kid Flash: Sorry, AP Biology took forever.
  • Batman: I'll avoid the obvious comment.
    • Batman: Where's Artemis?
    • Kid Flash: Family issues.
    • Batman: I guess you'll have to do.

Flash (Quicksilver)Edit

  • Batman: I met your sister.
  • Quicksilver: And?
  • Batman: She's more open for a start.
    • Batman: How did you earn your speed?
    • Quicksilver: I was born like this.
    • Batman: So you didn't earn it.


  • Batman: Arthur, you're needed at the Watchtower.
  • Aquaman: You cannot command me.
  • Batman: There goes the easy way.
    • Batman: We need to talk.
    • Aquaman: Kaldur'ahm is his own man.
    • Batman: You're the only one who can get through.

Aquaman (Aqualad) Edit

  • Batman: You're late for your training.
  • Aqualad: My apologies, Batman.
  • Batman: I suppose now will have to do.
    • Batman: The truth was hidden for a reason.
    • Aqualad: You thought I could not handle it.
    • Batman: Are you about to prove me right?

Aquaman (Namor)Edit

  • Batman: So you are Atlantean?
  • Namor: My father is human.
  • Batman: The similarities go on.
    • Batman: I've been informed of your...
    • Namor: ...commanding presence?
    • Batman: Not the words they used.

Martian ManhunterEdit

  • Batman: Step aside, J'onn.
  • Martian Manhunter: Let me handle M'gann.
  • Batman: You had your chance.
    • Batman: I know your weakness.
    • Martian Manhunter: My pyrophobia is entirely psychological.
    • Batman: Still effective.

Martian Manhunter (Malefic)Edit

  • Batman: Get off this planet.
  • Malefic: Not until I find J'onn.
  • Batman: I won't repeat myself.
    • Batman: I have my firebombs ready.
    • Malefic: A weakness I do not possess.
    • Batman: Everyone has a weakness.

Martian Manhunter (Shadow King)Edit

  • Batman: You're a psychic.
  • Shadow King: A vast understatement.
  • Batman: A vaster ego.
    • Batman: Where am I?
    • Shadow King: I have taken you to the astral plane.
    • Batman: Of course you have.

Green ArrowEdit

  • Batman: This needs to stop.
  • Green Arrow: I only kill those who deserve it.
  • Batman: That's your weakness.
    • Batman: We need to talk about Roy.
    • Green Arrow: Only if we talk about Jason.
    • Batman: Fine, talking can wait.

Green Arrow (Red Arrow) Edit

  • Batman: You need to control your anger.
  • Red Arrow: You don't know what I've been through!
  • Batman: This is what I'm talking about.
    • Batman: You want to prove you're not a sidekick?
    • Red Arrow: I don't need to prove it.
    • Batman: You do to me.

Green Arrow (Artemis) Edit

  • Batman: The team need to know the truth.
  • Artemis: No, they'd never understand.
  • Batman: There's only one way to find out.
    • Batman: Your parents were formidable back in the day.
    • Artemis: Yeah... formidable criminals.
    • Batman: Just don't follow in their footsteps.

Green Arrow (Hawkeye) Edit

  • Batman: Are they all trick arrows?
  • Hawkeye: Well there's no treat arrows.
  • Batman: Oh god, you're worse than he is.
    • Batman: There's an archer on my earth too.
    • Hawkeye: What can I say? It's a classic weapon.
    • Batman: Not sure I see the appeal.
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