Character Skins Pack 2 is a DLC Costume Pack to give Characters Costumes to make them look like other Characters in the DC Universe. The Costume Pack includes 5 Costumes and is $5.00. Each Costume has a INJUSTICE themed look to them and each Costume also has it's own Voice-Actors, Intros, Outros, Wager Quotes and Changes the name of the Character to the name of the Character Costume (So if Hawkgirl was wearing her Hawkwoman Costume her name will be changed to Hawkwoman).


  • Aquaman - Ocean Master
  • Wonder Woman - Wonder Girl
  • Sinestro - Atrocitus
  • Hawkgirl - Hawkwoman (Sharon Parker)
  • Green Arrow - Red Arrow


NOTE: The pictures below aren't what the Costumes look like in INJUSTICE.Edit