Terrys Default costume

Terry Mcginnis is a Playable Character in Injustice:The Future Awaits. he is classified as a gadget user.


fter McGinnis discovered Wayne was the original Batman, McGinnis sought revenge on his father's killer, using Wayne's equipment (including the new Batman armor). Prevented from actually killing his father's killer by Wayne, McGinnis was taken in and trained by Wayne as the new Batman.

Powers And abilitesEdit


Terry has the Ability to glide like a bat when wearing the Batsuit.

Strength levelEdit

Terry McGinnis possesses the normal human strength of a young man who regularly engages in intensive physical exercise


McGinnis has all the normal weaknesses of a human male, though has trained himself to be able to resist them for far longer than an average human male.



McGinnis wears a highly powered and weaponized armor suit that has all of the former tools of his mentor and several newly developed ones that have been incorporated directly into the armor.


All of the former tools of his mentor and any newly developed ones since inheriting the role. His most noted is the futuristic Batmobile.


All of the former tools of his mentor and any newly developed ones since inheriting the role. His most noted in the Batarang.


Intro:Terry comes in flying in his wings and lands saying "You sure about this?"

Outro: Terry laughs and says "I'm Beyond Batman" before flying away.


Character Trait: Terry's suit glows red by pressing the button on his belt which gives him enhanced speed,strength and agility.

Super Move

Beyond My Fist:He cuts you with his bat shards,then throws a batarang at your side then it comes back hitting the opponents back and it blows up making them fall foward right as terry is about to uppercut you in the air.

Move Lists

Basic Attacks:

Low Trip

Low Kick

High Kick

Uppercut Punch

Chest kick

Wing Slash

Wing Slash (Air)

Combo Attacks:

Beyond The Bat

Bat Call


Better Bat

Special Moves:

Feet Fire


Straight Wrist Grapple

Sky Wrist Grapple

Punch Down

Shard Slash


"Lets See Who Really is the better Bat!"-Clash to Batman

"Something wrong,Jaybird?"-Clash To Red Hood

"Wait,Wait. Whats your name again?" (Laughs)-Clash To Nightwing

"I've come Here to help."

"I dont have time for you."

"I'm glad you're dead in the Future" -Clash with Joker