Batman is a playable character in Injustice: Broken Alliance. He is a gadget user and is voiced by veteren Batman actor Kevin Conroy.

Events in Broken Alliance



Special Moves:

  • Batarang: Batman throws a batarang at his opponent
  • Swing Kick: Batman shoots his grapple gun towards the sky and swings towards his opponent, kicking them
  • Smoke Escape: Batman throws down a smoke bomb and appears behind his opponent
  • Explosive Surprise: Batman throws down a land mine that will explode in 4 seconds
  • Parry: Batman shields himself with his cape, deflecting back any projectile

Super Move

Batman ties one end of his grapple gun to his opponent's ankle and the other to a nearby building. He throws an explosive batarang into their eye, grabs on to them, and reels them to the building. He then piledrives the opponent into the ground, activating the batarang to explode.


Intro: A smoke bomb rolls into the camera and explodes and Batman is seen diving out of the smoke with bats surrounding him. Batman gets up into a fighting stance while the bats fly away.

Outro: He talks to Oracle over his radio , 'I'm done here, Oracle. Send the Batwing.' He throws another smoke bomb down and 3 seconds later, a piloted Batwing flies by.


  • The Dark Knight: Batman's League of Shadows armour from Batman Begins
  • Bruce Wayne: Batman unmasked with a bussiness outfit
  • Batman: Batman's costume from Batman (1989)

Clash Quotes

  • Afraid? You should be.-Stock Wager Quote
  • Don't make me hurt you.-Stock Wager Quote
  • I don't wanna fight you, Clark! -Clash with Superman
  • Back to Arkham, Joker!- Clash with Joker
  • I'll be smiling when your back in prison! -Clash with Joker
  • I don't break easily, Bane. -Clash with Bane
  • Oh, Really? -Clash with Bane
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