Bardock (Multiverse saga)
Vital Statistics
Real Name Bardock
Alignment Good
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Gender male
Family Gine (wife, deceased))

Raditz (son, deceased)

Goku (son)

Chi-Chi (daughter-in-law)

Gohan (grandson)

Goten (grandson)

Pan (great-granddaughter)

Status deceased
Eye Color black (Normal)

Blue (SSJ)

Hair Color Black (Normal)

Blue (SSJ)

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Species saiyan
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Debut None
Class None
Voice Actor Sean Schemmel (English)

Mario Castañeda (Spanish)

Bardock is a playable character in Multiverse:Crash Of Universes. Bardock is a character from the anime and manga, Dragon Ball, created by akira toriyama. It is one of the characters that come the DLC,.

History Edit

Ending Edit

Moveset Edit

Special Attacks Edit

  • Full Power Energy Wave: Bardock fires a blue energy wave from an open hand.
  • Final Revenger: Bardock kicks the opponent up, barrages them with punches, then knocks them down with a double-axe handle.
  • Final Spirit Cannon: Bardock forms a blue sphere of energy in his hand and throws it.
  • Flip Shoot: Bardock does a backflip to avoid attacks before blasting the opponent with an energy shot.

Grab Edit

Flash Spirit: Bardock elbows the opponent in the face, kicks them, and fires a blue energy wave in their face.

Super Move Edit

Ultimate Attack Edit

Spirit of Saiyans: Bardock enters his Super Saiyan form and charges at the opponent. If it hits, Bardock clenches his fist, images of his fallen comrades appear around him, and he flies towards the opponent again, punching them in the chest. Bardock follows with a flip kick, sending the opponent into the air before knocking them down with a Final Spirit Cannon to the face. Bardock finishes the opponent by charging a sphere of ki around his hand and delivering one last punch.

Entrance, exit, and taunt Edit

Entrance: Bardock flies down and ties on his headband.

Exit: Bardock pumps his fist, which glows with blue energy.

Taunt: Stretches and says "Come on!" or "Show me what you've got!"

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